uActivate® - The Ultimate Relay Circuit Test Assistant

uActivate® - The Ultimate Relay Circuit Test Assistant

What is the uActivate®?

The uActivate is a time-saving convenience tool designed to simplify relay circuit performance testing through the relay socket. It can also be used for other circuit testing situations!

Why use the uActivate®?

It only takes minutes to perform a complete electrical performance test of the circuit including amperage, voltage, and resistance.

 Monitor voltage and amperage together, along with
doing before and after resistance measurements!

With this information you can determine if the circuit performing as the engineer intended.

uActivate connecting scope and dmm to circuit

Fuel Pump Voltage verse Current Waveform

Relationship of voltage and current waveforms

uActivate Overview

The uActivate® works in place of the relay, acting as a test breakout box allowing the user to activate the circuit at will. Works with standard 4 and 5 terminal relay circuits.

  • Can also be used in series with most other circuits rated for 25A or less (using the Universal Cable).
  • Test points via 4mm safety banana socket for 85, 86, 87, 87a, and 30.
  • Provides amperage loop for quick connection of inductive amp clamps.
  • A quick test using LEDs to indicate the presence of voltage, polarity, and continuity throughout the circuit.
  • Direct install cables that fit into relay socket including 4 and 5 terminal ISO 280, Micro ISO, and Mini ISO.
  • Custom direct fit cables available – for example, custom BMW configurations.
  • Universal cable that allows for custom terminal blade combinations and pin arrangements.
  • Built in auto resetting fuse to protect the uActivate and relay circuit.
The uActivate® The ultimate relay circuit test assistant, and you’re in control!