What's new? What's the same?

uActivate® What's new? What's the same?

What's new?

Test 5-pin relay circuits
The new uActivate® includes one of the most requested upgrades: the ability to test 5-pin relay circuits. The original uActivate® features 4 banana plugs clustered on the back of the box. The new uActivate® features 5 banana plugs to accommodate the 5-pin cables required to test circuit legs 87 and 87A. As mentioned above, the 4-pin cables included with your original uActivate® will connect to the new uActivate®.
5-pin cable for the uActivate®

Heavy Duty Cables with Schematic
Each cable is 40-inches long and constructed of 12ga wires. To increase their flexibility, the cable's outer jacket has been stripped away at each end. The 5-pin cables feature a schematic of the relay and the pin numbers molded into the connector housing.
5-pin Cables include relay schematic and pin numbers

Universal Cable with Terminal Leads 
The new uActivate® offers increased flexibility when testing modern vehicle relay circuits. In addition to the ability to test traditional mechanical 4- and 5-pin relays, the new 5-pin Universal cable will help with diagnosing circuits that include solid-state relays (SSR) and latching relays.uActivate®Universal Cable with Terminal Leads

Color Coded Wires and Connectors
Each cable includes color-coded wires to help you keep track of what you’re testing. All test points feature 4mm safety banana plug terminals that are also color-coded.uActivate® Color Coded Wires and Connectors

More LEDs
The LEDs above the switch indicate the presence of power, ground, and the polarity of both legs.uActivate® LEDs

Self-resetting Circuit Breaker with LED
The switch is now protected by a self-resetting circuit breaker. You can test circuits up to 25A and receive instant feedback from the red LED to the left of the switch if the circuit breaker trips. The circuit breaker will automatically close once the internal element cools down. The breaker is field serviceable should it ever fail.uActivate® Self-resetting Circuit Breaker with LED

Bigger Case
The original uActivate® kit included 4 cables and fit into a small case. The blow-molded case for the new uActivate® Master Kit is 16”x10”x3.75” and will accommodate the base unit, 6 cables (3 each of the 4-pin and 5-pin) and the Universal Cable and its Terminal Leads.
uActivate® Bigger Case
User Guide
The user guide, well, it's almost a Master’s thesis on how to test relay circuits and is a feast for the eyes.
uActivate® User Guide

What's the same?

The new base unit is the same size as the original.

The base unit is protected by a tough, bright orange rubber boot with a kickstand on the back.

All test points feature safety banana plug terminals. This makes it easy to connect your diagnostic tools to check the control side of the relay circuit.

The LED Test button is located on the right side. Press it to activate bi-colored LEDs which indicate the circuit has voltage and continuity. The color of the LED indicates which test socket is connected to the power side of the circuits. uActivate® LED Test Button

The yellow and orange bands on each side of the Control LED represent the uActivate® cable wire colors used to connect to the relay control circuits. uActivate® Control LED color bands

The amperage loop for quick connection of inductive amp clamps is located on the bottom.uActivate® Amp Loop

An auto reset fuse located between the legs of the current test loop.

- Only use on automotive 12V DC systems.
- DO NOT use on high voltage AC systems.
- DO NOT use the uActivate® for any purpose it was not designed for.

Tech support available from AESwave.

One-year warranty for the base unit and cables.