5-Pin ISO Mini

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AES#: 07-80-C5-ISO Mini
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This 5-Pin ISO Mini cable is for the common "Bosch relay" style. (TYPE B). 


The ISO Mini relays come in two different styles identified as TYPE A and TYPE B. The TYPE refers to the terminal designations. The standard Bosch style relay is a TYPE B.
TYPE B is the most common ISO Mini version and is referred to
as the “Bosch relay” and is standard in most U.S. vehicle and aftermarket applications.
  • Note the image below. The TYPE B relay has the 30 pin just below the 87 and 87a. 85 and 86 are opposing each other.
TYPE A is used by some manufacturers such as BMW, Jaguar, Euro Fords, and Opel. The lime-colored ISO Mini relay is just one example of many color-coded Type A relays popular with BMW. These relays can be in both 4 and 5 pin relay configurations.
  • The TYPE A relay has 30 and 86 pin are swapped.
ISO Mini Relay Type B verse Type A


A TYPE B cable should never be used in the TYPE A relay circuit.

For more information on the difference between TYPE A and TYPE B ISO Mini relays refer to the uActivate® user manual.